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London, England

Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park Tour

Join us for a wildlife tour through one of London's Magnificent Seven cemeteries, with a closer look at the poisonous plants that reside there.

Join us on Obscura Day for a tour of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, one of London's Magnificent Seven cemeteries and the city's most urban woodland. 

Opened in 1841 and closed for burials in 1966, the City of London and Tower Hamlets Cemetery is now a designated park, Local Nature Reserve, and Site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation. Thirty-one acres of beautiful and atmospheric woodland in the heart of East London, the cemetery is an important home for rare and endangered species of plants and animals and serves as an open-air classroom for local students.

This Obscura Day, join Ken, the Cemetery Park Manager, for a tour of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. Hear the stories of the east end and the lives lived by the cemetery's permanent residents, all while discovering the plants and wildlife of the park. See butterflies, wildflowers, and grand Victorian monuments. Ken will also share with you tales of the darker side of plants that have the ability to kill which we grow unknowingly in our own gardens, such as Buttercup, Yew, and Foxglove. Be prepared to touch, taste, and smell many of the plants that make Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park their home.


  • Time: 2–4pm
  • Ticket Cost: £9.00
  • Meeting point: Enter via Tower Hamlets' main gates on Southern Grove, E3 and come to the front of the building on your right called the Soanes Centre. Ken, the Cemetery Park Manager will be there to welcome you.
  • This is is two-hour walking tour; comfortable footwear is highly recommended.



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