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Queens, New York

Trinidadian Culinary Immersion in Queens

Explore the international tastes of New York City with a unique hands-on experience lead by a Trinidadian immigrant and Queens resident.

Join Atlas Obscura and the League of Kitchens for a culinary and cultural adventure in Richmond Hill, Queens. With League of Kitchens' Trinidadian instructor Dolly as your guide, you’ll explore Liberty Avenue’s Little Guyana, an Indo-Guyanese enclave lined with roti shops, restaurants, bakeries, and specialty groceries, and learn to prepare a variety of dishes.

April 1, 11-1:30pm: Shopping Tour
Dolly's shopping tour teaches you how to navigate Liberty Avenue’s markets as you get the behind-the-scenes look at three of her favorites. With Dolly’s help, you’ll get the real insider scoop on authentic Trinidadian ingredients and cooking. After your shopping, you’ll grab a well-deserved snack at a traditional Caribbean roti shop, complete with some homemade sorrell drink, and explore Liberty Avenue yourself to decide what to take with you back home to your own kitchen.

April 15, 1-6:30pm: Cooking Class Immersion
In Dolly’s cooking class, you’ll work in both indoor and outdoor kitchens to make flavorful goat stew, buss-up-shut roti, and channa and aloo, a dish that Dolly says must be present at every Trini gathering. Dolly will also teach you to make a quick snack, mango chow, that is often enjoyed at parties and barbecues. Finally, you’ll learn to make dhal—Trini style—to round out the meal.

Ticket options are for the shopping tour and cooking class ($250) or tour only ($75). Purchase a ticket for all 6 sessions here ($600). Ticket price includes all food.



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