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New York, New York

Obscura Society NY and Other World Tours Present: Untold Secrets of Central Park

A Historic Twilight Walking Tour

Dan Veksler of Other World Tours joins the New York Obscura Society for a twilight walking tour of Central Park, laying open the familiar landscape to reveal the archeological layering of the grandiose, fantastical, utopian vision-made-reality of America's first constructed park.

As is everything in New York, Central Park is many things to many people, and contains typically untold layers of secrets and history. Constructed as the first park in the United States and the first artificial park in the Western World, designed by devout Transcendentalists with a grandiosity and effort that could only be possible in the mid-19th century and in spite of conflicting hidden agendas among the powers that be, the park has withstood several dramatic peaks and valleys and continues to stand - wizened, and as majestic and magical as ever.

On this in-depth walking tour we'll explore the various ways in which the park remains true to its original purpose, and the ways in which it has fallen victim to the entropy that all otherworldly visions-made-reality inevitably fall prey to. We'll examine many of the park's curious landmarks up close, weaving their fascinating tales into a narrative tapestry as rich and compelling as New York City itself.



Wednesday, October 1; 6:30 - 9PM
Ticket cost: $25
Meetup wil be at 6:15pm at the Central Park West entrance on West 66th Street, near Tavern on the Green. We'll begin our tour at 6:30pm sharp.
Wear comfortable footwear and dress appropriately for the weather, this tour is RAIN OR SHINE.