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Los Angeles, California

Urban Beekeeping 101

Suit up and meet a colony of bees at Elysian Valley Community Garden.

Marvin Jordana is an urban backyard beekeeper who prides himself on natural, treatment-free beekeeping. His motto is "let the bees be bees!"

During this 90-minute workshop, Marvin will share the basics of beekeeping and fascinating facts about these fuzzy, buzzy pollinators. After getting suited up, he will go over safety practices and explain how to appropriately interact with the bees. Each of us will have the opportunity to hold a frame, use a magnifying glass to observe them up-close, and even feed the bees some honey. You'll learn how to safely use a hive tool and smoker, how to inspect a colony's health, and about bees' lifecycle, roles in the hive, and communication (waggle dance!). Who knows, we might even get to meet the queen?!

Hand-squeezed lemonade (sweetened with local, raw honey) will keep us refreshed throughout the event and we'll each go home with a small jar of honey harvested from the area. 

About Marvin Jordana

Marvin provides people from all over the world with the opportunity to learn about how to care for bees in their backyard by offering classes and workshops. He is passionate about this ancient practice and believes that beekeeping has a deep spiritual and healing aspect from which all humans can benefit. When asked how he got into beekeeping, Marvin said, “a bee flew into my ear one summer and told me that she needed help and I should become a beekeeper.”


  • Bee suits will be provided, but some are only half-suits (protecting us from the waist up), so please be sure to wear thick pants to this event; jeans are perfect. No soft material pants will be permitted.
  • Do not wear any perfume, cologne, strong-scented shampoo, conditioner, body spray, etc.; the bees do not like strong scents.
  • No open-toe shoes, no slippers or flip-flops; only those wearing closed-toed shoes with socks will be permitted.
  • No dark colors. You are welcome to bring a change of clothes if you care to begin the event in shorts.
  • Ages 18 and up.
  • A liability waiver is required for this event.


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