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São Paulo, Brazil

Walking Tour & Postcard Workshop

Led by a photographer and designer with backgrounds in architecture and urbanism, explore Paissandú on foot, through a lens, and lastly, through your own art.

Paissandú Square, in downtown São Paulo, has witnessed the city's intense transformation over the past 150 years.

Built on marshlands, its historical layers are diverse and complex: a peripheral area of downtown São Paulo in the 1850's; a cultural epicenter in the first half of the 1900s, a meeting point of modernist artists in the 1920s and gathering place of numerous cinemas, theaters and circuses in the 1930s; and the location of the Church of the Black Men, one of the few churches in the city where African-Americans were allowed during slavery.

Participants of this special Obscura Day tour and workshop will explore Paissandú and make a postcard that reflects their perception of the area. The workshop will be divided into three parts: explore, reflect, and create. During the first part, participants will explore the area and document it through photographs. In the second part—reflect—we will gather for a lunch break in a long-established restaurant famous for being the meeting point for modernist artists in the 1920s. In this atmosphere, you will have the opportunity to share and discuss your experiences and observations with other guests. In the last part, we'll move to a quieter place. There, we will each use our photographs and other materials to make postcards that reflect our perceptions of the area, with the final results a unique representation of Paissandú Square.

The workshop will be led by photographer Karen Doho and designer Leila Santiago, who each have backgrounds in architecture and urbanism.


  • Meeting point: Largo do Paissandú, on the wooden deck, near the container that's installed on the left side of the Church.
  • Your admission fee includes all materials for the workshop.
  • Price of lunch is not included. 


Contact Leila and Karen at saopaulopostal@gmail.com.

All Sales Final. No Refunds or Exchanges.

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