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Washington, D.C., United States

Washington's Most Infamous Lobbyist

Peer into the only-in-D.C. world of high-powered lobbyists with Audio Walks creator Olivier Ballou.

Hidden behind the walls in downtown D.C. are thousands of people paid to influence government. Perhaps no figure has loomed as large in the field as the disgraced Jack Abramoff. The high-powered advocacy executive schmoozed with lawmakers, charged clients for monthly retainers in the tens of thousands of dollars, and operated one of the more fashionable restaurants in downtown Washington. All before a frontpage investigation and conviction that sent the man with $2,000 suits to the federal slammer.

Join us for a tour of Abramoff's regular downtown haunts led by Audio Walks creator Olivier Ballou. Using Abramoff as an example, we will peer into the only-in-D.C. world of high-powered lobbyists. 

Additional Details:

  • We will meet at the scene of the crime! Abramoff's old firm had their headquarters at 600 Connecticut Avenue, NW, just across the street from Decatur House and the Chamber of Commerce.
  • For this event, we recommend taking public transportation. The closest Metro stations are Farragut North and Farragut West. 
  • This is a leisurely 1.5-mile walking tour, so please dress for the weather and bring water.


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