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Portland, Oregon

Zymoglyphic Museum and Mushroom Tasting

An exploration of artifacts and art from the Zymoglyphic region, paired with a five-course mushroom sampler.

The Zymoglyphic Museum is a through-the-looking-glass exhibit. A popular spot for Atlas Obscura readers, this museum, nestled into the flanks of Mount Tabor, playfully brings into reality a fantastical world through a collection of imagined (but very tangible) artifacts from, well, an imagined lost world. (Did you follow us through that house of mirrors?) Artist Jim Stewart dreamed up the Zymoglyphic region—and his home serves as an ethnographic delight, filled with dreamscape dioramas and artifacts from this world.

With common themes of growth and decay, and a nod to fungi and fish, the museum travels through different periods from the Zymoglyphic region—and what better way to celebrate and dig deeper than pairing with a five-course, mushroom-based tasting? Atlas Obscura Society Portland is pleased to host this special and unique pop-up dinner from Artefact, a new culinary concept founded by two veterans of Portland’s restaurants. Combining a love of history with a passion for local, sustainable ingredients from trusted farmers, Artefact seeks to pair unique experiences and settings with carefully researched dishes. 

Each courses is designed around specific artistic eras from the Zymoglyphic region—all showcasing different, locally-sourced wild mushrooms. A crab and black trumpet mushroom salad for the Natural History display, and oyster mushroom and herbed ricotta toast for the Rust Age exhibits. The courses will be served in proper order, but the dinner is anything but formal, as the plates are small and portable, with guests encouraged to mingle and enjoy the museum throughout the meal.


  • Ticket price includes meal, drinks and admission to museum.
  • Dishes are locally-sourced, but note do contain various mushrooms, shellfish and cheeses. 


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