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A Bat's Life w/ Dr. Laura Kloepper: Bat Birth

$15 per device Online Experience
1 hour
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$15 per device
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What We’ll Do

Echolocation. Subterranean survival. Swarm management. Flight. Guano. It's all in a day's work for the magnificent, misunderstood bat!

During this one-hour online experience Dr. Laura Kloepper, founder of the Kloepper Laboratory of Bioacoustics and Animal Behavior, will take viewers on an exploration of one of the incredible aspects of bat life. Using lively presentations, pictures and materials straight from her work in massive bat caves, Dr. Kloepper will take you on a fun journey to learn some of the science and go behind the scenes of bat research. A fun and casual show, A Bat's Life will uncover the wonders of animal lives lived mostly in darkness. You'll not only get to see incredible artifacts from Dr. Kloepper's work, but you'll get to ask about everything you've ever wanted to know about flying furballs!

This month, Dr. Kloepper will be looking at the wonders of bat reproduction! What's life like for pregnant bats, and what happens when it's time for the little ones to come into the world? Come find out! (This event will descriptions and depictions of the science of the sexual reproduction of bats, and may be not be appropriate for younger audiences.)

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About Your Host
Dr. Laura Kloepper
Dr. Laura Kloepper

Laura Kloepper is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at Saint Mary's College in Notre Dame, Indiana, where she leads the Kloepper Laboratory of Bioacoustics and Animal Behavior. Her research focuses on acoustic sensory ecology: how animals use sound to explore their environment. Her principal research investigates how bats in massive swarms use their sonar and flight behavior to navigate in three dimensions. She uses fun technology including drones and falconry in her research, and spends a large portion of her summers at bat caves, knee-deep in guano, with hundreds of thousands of bats flying overhead.

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