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A Find Dining Experience: Foraging Your Own Meal

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What We’ll Do

In the tradition of Gastro Obscura, this 'Find Dining Experience' will expose you to some of the more unique cultural foods and traditions you can discover, live from beautiful Newfoundland, Canada. Your hosts Lori McCarthy and Felicity Roberts both live, forage and farm in the city, and will share their deep knowledge of growing, gathering, and preparing their own food. Everything covered will be accessible to you as an urban dweller either in your direct environment or in your surrounding natural environment.

Each week will have a different focus for foraging techniques and discoveries:

July 23: Herbs - Covering such wild plants as nettle, river mint and sweet gale, easy to grow garden plants such as lemon balm and tarragon plus invasives like goutweed.

July 30: Flowers - Covering such wild plants as wild rose, mallow, and clover and easy to grow garden plants like calendula, lavender and nasturtium.

August 6: Mushrooms - Covering a range of polypores such as the well known chaga, choice early season gourmet mushrooms such as golden chanterelles and unique applications such as fermented mushrooms and wild mushroom sourdough starter. We will briefly touch on lichens, a subject of expertise for Felicity, including the edibles Caribou lichen and Icelandic lichen.

August 13: Deep Flavor Techniques - Diving deeper into the materials covered in the first three workshops, this final session focuses on refining the techniques we’ve discussed over the course and giving participants the resources to continue their journey.

Where We’ll Be

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About Your Host
Lori McCarthy & Felicity Roberts
Lori McCarthy & Felicity Roberts

Lori is a chef, outdoor educator, forager, hunter and the founder operator of Codsounds, a highly regarded culinary excursion company. She has been featured on CNN and many national and international publications. Special culinary skills include cooking over open fire, fermentation and the butchering and curing of meats. She is dedicated to documenting and preserving traditional foods.

Felicity is an herbalist, urban farmer, food and cocktail writer, textile artist and passionate home cook who gets excited about discovering simple, low tech and environmentally friendly ways to grow, gather, and prepare food. Her knowledge of Newfoundland's landscape and foods is matched by an eclectic knowledge base acquired from a decade spent hitchhiking, farming and cooking around North America with notable stops in British Columbia, Texas and Maine. She has been featured on NPR and is an Atlas Obscura tour guide.

What Else You Should Know

Gastro Obscura's mission is to inspire wonder and curiosity about the world through food and drink. Its articles, videos, and guides explore what food and drink reveal about the places where they’re made and the people who make them. And in partnership with chefs, historians, and other experts, Gastro Obscura helps travelers and curious people experience culinary wonders firsthand

This online experience is part of Atlas Obscura’s Wonder From Home initiative. At Atlas Obscura, our mission has always been to inspire wonder and curiosity about the incredible world we all share. Now, more than ever, there’s a need to stay connected—not only to our sense of wonder, but to each other. Follow and share the hashtag #wonderfromhome for inspiring stories, more incredible online experiences, and live streams with the Atlas Obscura community.

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