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What We’ll Do

Attention dinosaur nerds and science stans! Join Dustin Growick, host of the YouTube channel The Dinosaur Show, and leader of Atlas Obscura's Dinos and Dunes in the Colorado Desert trip, and Kristina Gustovich, middle school teacher, geologist, improviser, and museum megastan, for an interactive, adults-only dinosaur party.

Each live, Friday night session of Dino 101 will have a different adult-focused, dinosaur-inspired theme, replete with a bingo board drinking game.

Since we'll be participating from the safety of our homes, drinking and drawing and learning is very encouraged! Grab your favorite pens and/or colored pencils, because the very first thing we'll do is intro the Dino of the Day. At the end of the adventure we'll zoom around the room viewing your tipsy paleoart masterpieces. Next, it's time for everyone's favorite game, Dino or Not a Dino?!, in which we'll put your dinosaur knowledge AND bullshit detector to the test. We'll then mix in a mini-scavenger hunt and some interactive and irreverent paleontology trivia (e.g. Did T. rex have feathers?, Which Jurassic Park movie was the worst?, How big was a Brontosaurus member?)

Part party, part class, 100% adventure—come nerd out with the Dino 101 quaranteam as we prove why dinosaurs are the greatest group of animals to ever walk the face of the Earth.

Don't miss any of our upcoming shows:

July 17: Top 10 Museum Dinosaurs

Listen. There are over 33,000 museums in the U.S. alone. And while we haven't been to all of them, we have been to a lot, so it's high-time we talked about their absolute best dinosaurs. So join us as we count 'em down, and see if your favorite dino at your favorite museum made the cut.

July 24: Yo, I Found This On the Internet

Is it real? Is it science? Are birds just government drones? There are A LOT of very strange dinosaur theories, memes, and stories on the world wide webs, so let's do a deep dig into their origins and accuracy. W/ special guestpert, Kiersten Formoso (@formorphology)!

July 31: Dinosaur Superlatives

Today is like the Oscars, but for dinosaurs. We're awarding some of our fave dinos some well-deserved yearbook superlatives. Who will win Best Legs? Class Clown? Most Likely To Succeed? Who will go over time while giving their acceptance speech?

August 7: SUE the T. rex

The largest and most complete T. rex ever found is named SUE and lives at the Field Museum in Chicago. You may know this non-binary icon from their amazing Twitter account. But most importantly, it's my birthday, and from one big-egoed Leo to another, this will be a love letter to the greatest dinosaur to ever exist.

August 14: Top 10 Most Underrated Dinosaurs

You've probably never heard of most of these, but that's only because they've had bad PR. Join us as we count down the dinosaurs that pull far above their weight (sometimes literally), and totally deserve your love respect.

August 21: Birds are Dinosaurs w/ Jason Ward

Birds aren't just descendants of dinosaurs, they are dinosaurs. The bird nerd himself, Jason Ward, helps us break down the evolutionary hows and whys while we collectively marvel at some of the most incredible dinosaurs alive today.

August 28: Top 10 Not Dinosaurs

Listen. Dinosaurs weren't a Mesozoic monopoly. Just like today, there were countless other animals living on land, flying through the air, and filling the oceans. If dinosaurs are Batman, then these guys are the absolute best Mesozoic Robins.


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