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Memento Mori: An Introduction to Victorian-Inspired Perfumery 

$225 per person
Up to 15 people
Lacey Walker of Seance Perfumes
Ingredients for the creation of scents.
Embalming oil.
Remembering those who have past.
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$225 per person
Los Angeles, California
What We’ll Do

Join Atlas Obscura, Oddities Flea Market and Lacey Walker for a special workshop, part of our Illumination of Wondrous Arts and Curious Crafts two-day event curated by Ryan Matthew Cohn. 

There is immense power in a single aroma, as the right scent can paint a picture, evoke a strong emotion, or transport someone to a certain place and moment in time. An effective fragrance not only smells delightful and intriguing, but offers us a key by which we can unlock the closed doors of our own mind.

This course will cover the fundamentals of perfume-making and the powerful ways in which our senses and memories are linked. Students are encouraged (but not required) to bring in an item that holds deep meaning to you, such as a personal effect of a departed loved one, to use as a starting point for creating a scent that will engage the senses and provide a stronger link to treasured memories. 

You will learn the differences between major categories of aromatic products and how to select and create distinctive, cohesive fragrances optimal for your intended uses. At the course's end, you will have also created one bespoke perfume oil of your very own and will be provided with a Victorian-inspired perfume bottle to take home.  


This event is one in a series of workshops, presented by Atlas Obscura in partnership with The Oddities Flea Market, that celebrates unique artists and their passion for interesting crafts. The event is a chance to spend part or all of the weekend diving into the deep end to explore your creativity in unexpected ways. In addition to Victorian-inspired perfumery, there are workshops in Small Creature Taxidermy with Amber Maykut, Wax Anatomy Sessions with Heather O'Shaughnessy of Salon Decire, Cat Skeleton Articulation with Ryan Cohn, Octopus Taxidermy with ScientificWoman, and special portrait sittings with famed photographer Karen Jerzyk. 

About Your Host
Lacey Walker
Lacey Walker

Lacey Walker is the founder of Seance Perfumes. Enamored with the Victorian Era and its cultural mindset toward death and the paranormal, Lacey incorporated these elements to create one of LA's fastest-growing independent perfumeries. Beginning with a core line of fragrance oils, Seance has since expanded to offer Eau de Parfum, candles, room and body sprays, and personal adornments. Lacey takes pride in crafting unconventional, responsibly made scents that embrace the beauty and mystery of the natural world.  

What Else You Should Know

Students must arrive 20 minutes prior to the start time. 

Attendees will receive additional information regarding location and parking about 48 hrs before the event. Make sure to check your spam folder if you do not see any message.

Questions? Email Carlyle Coash at

Group Size

There are 15 spots available on this experience.

What We’ll Provide

All materials are included as part of the workshop.

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