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Octopus Taxidermy Workshop

$200 per person
Up to 15 people
Mikayla of ScientificWoman.
Samples of octopus taxidermy.
Mikayla of ScientificWoman.
Samples of octopus taxidermy.
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$200 per person
Los Angeles, California
What We’ll Do

Join Atlas Obscura, Oddities Flea Market and ScientificWoman for a special workshop, part of our Illumination of Wondrous Arts and Curious Crafts two-day event curated by Ryan Matthew Cohn.

Discover the extraordinary art of octopus taxidermy in this exclusive, first-time workshop with an artist experienced in the unique practice of cephalopod preservation. Upon entering the workshop, you will receive your very own collectible lab coat and immerse yourself into the world of all-things-octopus, learning all about their amazing anatomy. Each student will be provided with all the necessary scientific positioning tools, octopus specimen, and workshop-exclusive reference guide. 

Mikayla will show you how to clean, process, and prepare your very own specimen, including how to customize your cephalopod masterpiece to your liking. Your specimen will then be lovingly cryo-preserved for transport to ScientificWoman’s lab for the final steps required in order to forever immortalize and mount your creation. Your finished art piece will be available for pickup at the Oddities Flea Market the following weekend or shipped to you directly! 

About the Illumination of Wondrous Arts and Curious Crafts

This is event is one in a series of workshops, presented by Atlas Obscura in partnership with The Oddities Flea Market, that celebrates unique artists and their passion for interesting crafts. The event is a chance to spend part or all of the weekend diving into the deep end to explore your creativity in unexpected ways. In addition to Octopus Taxidermy, there are workshops in Small Creature Taxidermy with Amber Maykut, Victorian-inspired Perfumery with Lacey Walker from Seance Perfumes, Wax Anatomy Creation with Heather O'Shaughnessy from Salon Decire, Cat Skeleton Articulation with Ryan Cohn and special portrait sittings with famed photographer Karen Jerzyk.

About Your Host

Mikayla, the artist behind ScientificWoman, has an educational background in mortuary science. She received training in the fields of anatomy and chemistry at a renowned natural history gallery in Berkeley, California, before branching out to launch her own company. Mikayla believes the most effective way to appreciate the mechanical nature of life is through examining the remarkable nature of death. In order to cultivate this exploration, she developed an art style and preservation process for specimens uncommonly found in taxidermy form. Her techniques are unique to the industry and she continues to innovate and create never-before-seen taxidermy art pieces. 

What Else You Should Know

No prior taxidermy experience is required! All specimens are ethically and sustainably sourced. 

Students must arrive 20 minutes prior to the start time.

Attendees will receive additional information regarding location and parking about 48 hrs before the event. Make sure to check your spam folder if you do not see any message.

Questions? Email Carlyle Coash at carlyle.coash@atlasobscura.com.

Group Size

There are 15 spots available on this experience.

What We’ll Provide

All materials are included as part of the workshop.

Each student will be provided with all the necessary scientific positioning tools, octopus specimen, and workshop-exclusive reference guide. 

Dates and Availability

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