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Earl Grey Sriracha Ice Cream

A flavor that manages to be cool, spicy, and fruity in a single lick.

According to the creatives behind Earl Grey sriracha ice cream, the spicy-fruity Philly-made sweet is as audacious as it is delicious. Little Baby’s ice cream shop offers their famous flavor in two forms: in  classic Philadelphia-style, a dairy-based ice cream made without eggs, or using a coconut milk, dairy-free base. Both the dairy and nondairy versions are infused with Earl Grey tea and laced with all-natural sriracha sauce.

Earl Grey, once criticized for its slightly perfumed aroma, gets its characteristic flavor from bergamot oil, an essential oil produced from the rind of a bergamot orange. Sriracha, a mixture of chile, water, sugar, garlic, salt, and vinegar, swings to other end of the flavor spectrum, adding a speck of heat to the cool treat. Churned and frozen, the combination of spicy sriracha and chilly ice cream ignites a mouth-tingling sensation, while the bergamot ushers in enough citrus that some say the specialty tastes like spicy Froot Loops.

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