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Haggis Spice Chocolate

A very non-vegan dish inspired this vegan chocolate.

Many people consider haggis to be an acquired taste. The Scottish dish of spiced organs and oatmeal loaded into a sheep’s stomach inspires both delight and disgust. For those who might want to experience the flavors of haggis without the texture of organ meat, you’re in luck. Two Scottish chocolatiers have taken haggis’s unique spice blend and added it to high-end chocolate.

There’s even a vegan version, made by Coco Chocolatier in Edinburgh. These days, many of the spices in haggis might be considered sweet rather than savory. These seasonings, such as cloves, allspice, and nutmeg, go into the chocolate as well. Black pepper gives the bar a decidedly savory note, and vanilla ties it all together.

The Chocolate Tree’s haggis spice bar, on the other hand, goes a step further, adding in haggis’s traditional oats. The result is a chocolate bar with a hint of haggis-y flavor, but without the onions, offal, and hours of boiling.

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