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Scrambled Brains ’n’ Eggs

This savory Southern staple is disappearing.

Lovingly called “brains ’n’ eggs,” this Southern staple was served up for breakfast during the mid-20th century. While the dish likely originated among farmers who used their own livestock, it eventually became so popular that canned brains became available on grocery store shelves. Now, however, the die-hard devotees of the traditional dish are few in number, as more contemporary diners have strayed from the idea of offal on their breakfast plate. But ask any elder from the Southern United States, and they’ll attest to the popularity of the brain scramble, with many claiming the dish to be as integral to Southern culture as Coca-Cola.

The brains, typically pork, are seasoned with salt, pepper, and a bit of paprika, then tossed in a hot pan before the eggs are added into the mix. The protein medley is then served on its own or packed into a biscuit for those on-the-go mornings. Diners describe the texture as soft with a relenting firmness, akin to curdled yogurt or firm tofu with a fatty aftertaste. If you can get past the massive cholesterol punch this breakfast food delivers, you’ll be sure to enjoy its savory flavor.

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