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The Quirkiest Local Landmarks in Small-Town America

21 oddities that became iconic neighborhood fixtures for those in the know.

For city dwellers, the landmarks that put your hometown on the map are well known and myriad. It’s a bit different in small towns, where there’s a good chance no one besides locals has ever even heard of your neck of the woods—or your local point of pride. And this is exactly the point—small towns are often home to subtle quirks that are legendary to residents yet largely unknown to the world at large.

Every small town has something that sets it apart from the rest, and these characteristic fixtures are often charmingly unique. Maybe it’s the tree that’s been inexplicably growing from the local courthouse for the last three centuries, or the town rooster so beloved a statue was erected in its honor. Here is a tour of some of the quirkiest symbols of America’s small towns.