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6 Unusual Tributes to 'The Last Supper'

From guinea pigs to ghostly sculptures, there's an array of sites honoring Christ's final meal with his disciples.

Even among non-Christians, Leonardo da Vinci’s depiction of the Last Supper is one of history’s most recognizable works of art. While tourists flock to Milan to behold the Italian artist’s famed painting, which portrays Jesus sitting down with his apostles to one last meal before his crucifixion, there are other, lesser-known sites that celebrate the Last Supper in their own unique ways.

In Cusco, Peru, a cathedral displays an 18th-century painting in which the artist added a local delicacy—guinea pig—to the supper’s table spread. In Nevada, haunting fiberglass figures portraying Christ and his apostles lurk at the edges of a desert ghost town. And in Valencia, Spain, a church proudly displays what it claims to be the actual chalice Christ used at the event. In honor of Holy Week, here are six places that pay tribute to the legendary last meal.