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Our Favorite Weird, Wild Sculpture Gardens

It's fun to enjoy art outside, even when it's a little baffling.

Sculpture gardens offer art lovers a unique opportunity to view magnificent works of art while also enjoying a natural setting—often one far removed from the sometimes clinical, white-box environment of museums and galleries. These parks allow visitors to get up close and personal, but can also leave visitors leaving with more questions than answers. 

The world is filled with these unique, strange, and odd art installations—some that come from prominent figures in the art world, some that are the work of a single visionary, some that seem to have happened by accident. A trip to Taconic Sculpture Park in Chatham, New York, is a journey into a landscape dedicated to Roman, Greek, and Egyptian mythology. Haesindang Park in Samcheog, South Korea, on the other hand, takes phalluses as its key theme to honor a local legend. There are loads of these interesting places in our database, and here are just a few of our favorites, sure to have you scratching your head with wonder.