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Aircrafts Museum

Dhangadhi, Nepal

Nepal's first aviation museum found a logical home in the most unexpected place. 


Commercial pilot and former member of the Nepalese Army, Bed Upreti, created Nepal’s Aircrafts Museum to bring tourism and awareness to Nepal’s remote far west region, and within its first years of operation, the destination has succeeded in making a mark on all who have made a pilgrimage to the area to visit the charming temple to aviation.

Housed inside the fuselage of a 100-seater aircraft from defunct Cosmic Air, visitors approach the museum’s entrance and are greeted by a sign bearing instructions to take off one’s shoes. Upon doing so, the door to the aircraft opens and a man dressed in a flight attendant’s uniform offers a greeting to all. The tour begins winding its way through the interior of the aircraft. During a stop in the plane’s cockpit, guides impart the more technical aspects of how one actually goes about navigating and flying aircraft. 

Throughout the tour, a profusion of over 200 models of commercial and fighter jets line the plane’s walls, all of which were built by local children. These miniature contributions to the museum exist as part of Bed Upreti’s community outreach initiative intended to bolster the youth’s interest in aviation, all of which is, in turn, fueled by the enthusiasm of the new visitors to the region thanks to the Aircrafts Museum itself.

Know Before You Go

Pay close attention to the blue and white signs along the main road, as it is easy to get lost along the way.

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