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Algonquin Rocks

Algonquin, Illinois

Quirky, colorful rocks are hiding all around this Midwestern village, waiting to be found. 


In the Midwestern village of Algonquin, Illinois, both locals and visitors alike have been embarking upon a perpetual treasure hunt. Scan the ground for any whimsically painted rocks and you, too, can join in the fun.

It all started in the spring of 2017, when a handful of people started hiding painted rocks around the village for others to find and re-hide. The quirky game has brought excitement to all who participate. It’s basically like an Easter egg hunt, except you never know where or when new treasures will be planted and it’s become a year-round event.

The colorful creations are usually tucked beneath hedges or crammed into random corners and crevices, waiting to be discovered. Participants have gotten wonderfully creative with their contributions. Every single rock looks different, so you can expect to find anything from animals to plants to houses painted on them.

Instructions are written on the back of each mini masterpiece telling finders to snap photos, post them on the Algonquin Rocks Facebook page, and re-hide the rock for the next scavenger to uncover. If someone does find a rock they become particularly attached to, they’re allowed to keep it as long as they replace it with a new, original creation.

Know Before You Go

Algonquin Rocks advises that all participants remember to be respecful of the environment when playing. There's a list of rules on Algonquin Rocks Facebook page.

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