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Alien Cathouse and Area 51 Gift Shop

A legal Nevada brothel that specializes in extraterrestrial fantasies. 


America’s legal brothel business may be limited to a single state, but that doesn’t mean that one’s options are limited, as evidenced by the Alien Cathouse, a sex vacation destination that caters specifically to customers with alien fantasies.

Given the number of supposed extraterrestrial hotspots around Nevada, and the huge amount of visitors they attract each year, its little wonder that the first themed brothel in the country would target UFO hunters. Owned by the same proprietor as the world-famous Bunny Ranch, the alien escape offers a full service brothel and bar where guests are invited to stay anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks if the money is there.

The business is decorated in a hodgepodge of alien and space imagery that would give any serious science fiction fan fits (and likely, erections). Rooms are designated with such names as “Atlantis Fantasy” and “Holodeck,” although the effects in the rooms mainly consist of sheer draping and cardboard alien cutouts. The centerpiece of the facility though would have to be the “Alien Abduction and Probing Room” which is outfitted with a plethora of marital aids, many of which legitimately look as though they came from a spaceship.

The Alien Cathouse sits just south of the former Area 51 test site, and also features a restaurant and gift shop selling more clothing and trinkets emblazoned with little green men. Fans of extraterrestrial speculation, sex, and kitsch, your starship has finally come in.      

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