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Art Center Kvartira

Dnipro, Ukraine

A beautiful art space and unusual mini-hotel hidden in the city center of Dnipro. 


Ukraine may not be the most popular country among tourists, but it hides many beautiful places within its borders. Among them is the Art Center Kvartira in the city of Dnipro. This unusual place is not marked to the general public, and even many residents of the city don’t know about its existence.

Located in an old 19th-century mansion, the name loosely translates to “art apartment center.” The center is an ideal place for different avant-garde and extraordinary artists to show their creativity. There is a little gallery, a room for screening films, two concert halls, and even a few rooms that are rented out to visitors who relish the opportunity to spend the night in an old mansion surrounded by works of art.

There are three floors in Kvartira. On the first floor you can see the one of concert halls and pretty little patio. Climbing up the ladder into the next floor, you will find yourself in the second spacious concert hall made in the old classical style. This room has been preserved since the 19th century and is very beautiful. One floor up there’s an attic room with a sloped roof. This is the cinema club, where you can watch interesting films and take part in the analysis of the film after viewing. 

This unique space is a veritable gem for connoisseurs of art and architecture; if you make a trip to the Dnipro area, it is an obligatory visit.

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