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Bill's Trail Little Lending Library is permanently closed.

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Bill's Trail Little Lending Library

A trove of tiny treasures hidden within a Florida park. 


You won’t find this little surprise on the Lafayette Heritage Trail Park trailhead map. Multiple lakes are linked for hikers, but by looping around Piney Z Lake, you will stumble onto Bill’s Trail, which has its own hidden Little Lending Library.

Peaking out from behind the live oaks and Spanish moss is a wooden canopy painted with inspirational quotes, birds, flowers, and all things that a person in nature might be compelled to draw. You might find paint in one of the many mailboxes on site to leave your own mark.

The mailboxes are packed with tiny treasures. You can put a pinecone in your pocket, or find the perfect literary phrase to frame your day. Of course, there is the library here, where you can take a book leave a book.

The trail is dog friendly and jugs of water are left dangling for your furry companion. Complete your loop carefully by crossing the train tracks, adding another element of adventure.

Update as of March 2021: The Lending Library has been moved to a new location. There are still paintings on the trees at the old location but the actual lending library is located at 1002 Commercial drive.

Know Before You Go

You won't find any arrows pointing you towards Bill's Trail on the map at the Trailhead of Lafayette Heritage Trail Park, but you can find it by hiking to the far shore of Piney Z Lake bordering Swift Creek Middle School.

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