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Château de Lucenier

La Chapelle-au-Mans, France

A 13th century fortified house built to defend the Duchy of Burgundy. 


Lucenier is a so called fortified house built in the 13th century to defend the Duchy of Burgundy. This epoch is the time of the struggle of the Duke of Burgundy against the Duke of Orleans for the throne of France, and the Duke of Burgundy ordered his vassals to built fortified castles or fortified houses to protect the borders of his duchy.

During the Middle Ages Lucenier consisted of a main building flanked by three round towers. This building and two towers still exist. The arrangement of farm buildings adjoining the castle represent the location of the walls that protected the property.

The Knight Jehan de Montmorillon, an ancestor of the current owner, bought the feud of Lucenier in 1603 from Bertrand de Priezac. The family retained the property until the French Revolution. After this period, there were different owners, among them Jean-Baptiste Perrot, ironmaster in Gueugnon (1794 until the early 19th century).

In the 18th century a new wing was built to connect the old building with the chapel. The De Montmorillon Family rebought the castle and part of the land in 1829. Since than Lucenier remains a private property.

Know Before You Go

Lucenier can not be visited inside, just looked at from the outside.

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