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China's Wonderland is permanently closed.

China's Wonderland

Beijing's version of Disneyland, completely abandoned, mostly destroyed. 


Just 45 minutes out of Beijing, the city fades away into a milieu of cornfields amid an expansive empty landscape. More than a decade ago, developers wanted to change that by turning 100 acres of the barren land into the largest amusement park in Asia, Wonderland. Midway through the project, disputes over money and land ceased all construction. The fantasy-land now sits completely abandoned.

Unlike some projects that lose funding, Wonderland was fairly advanced in its construction, which made it notably eerie. While for a time the smaller castle streets maintained their pastel exteriors, the massive fairy-tale castle succumbed to the elements and had just a facade and steel beams. 

Since the park served no purpose, some of the farmers in the area reclaimed the land, and it was not uncommon to see men working in the cornfields, with a Cinderella-esque backdrop.

The park is not officially open to public, but travelers report entering the area and exploring the strange ruin without incident. However, in April 2013 most of the remaining buildings were torn down, leaving foundations, and a shopping center is planned for the site. However, reports state that the castle still stands. 

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