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Clown-Museum Leipzig

This small museum takes the business of clowning quite seriously. 

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Welcome to the Clown Museum in Leipzig, where the serious business of clowning around takes center stage. Here you’ll find everything from red noses to oversized shoes, all meticulously curated to tickle your funny bone. Marvel at the history of slapstick and the evolution of custard pie-throwing techniques.

The museum promises a laugh a minute as you explore exhibits like the “Whoopee Cushion Hall of Fame” and the “Juggling Hall of Really, Really Trying.” Whether you’re a jester aficionado or just someone who appreciates a good laugh, this museum will leave you grinning from ear to ear—and maybe even sporting a bright red nose of your own.

The museum features over 350 circus posters as well as thousands of circus figurines from different countries around the world. 

Know Before You Go

The museum is located just off of Breite Straße 22. It is a very short walk from the Breite Straße tram stop. Entrance fees range from 2,50 € for children to 5,50 € for adults with guide included. 

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