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Container City

Putting the "mod" in "modular" since 2000. 


Installed and expanded over the course of four years, Container City, a cargotecture complex on Trinity Buoy Wharf, is the crown jewel of London’s Docklands. Originally destined for the incinerator, these retired shipping containers have now been repurposed as affordable, ecological homes and workspaces.

The community is comprised of two structures: Container City I and Container City II, with both “cities” linked by interconnecting bridges. Though development took years, installation of the buildings took just four and eight days, respectively. The compartments are fitted out almost entirely with recycled materials, and additional floors were added over time.

The Container City of today is a functional marvel of glass walkways, porthole windows, and sunny balconies. Its units house everything from living quarters to offices and artist studios at low cost. Two cafés and a parkour academy have also moved into ground floor containers.

The modular apartments of Container City will be recyclable for decades to come. If the development is ever closed down, the containers will be easy to transport and reuse elsewhere.

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