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Europe 1 Transmitter

Überherrn, Germany

Most powerful transmitter in Germany only broadcasts in the French language. 


Curiously, the most powerful transmitter in Germany, which reaches most parts of the country, only broadcasts a program for French-speaking listeners. Because of this, it is unknown to most people in Germany.

Founded in 1952, the Europe 1 Transmitter was planned as a large facility for long-wave broadcasting. As the transmitter, which was only allowed in Saarland at the time as laws prohibited privately-owned broadcasting stations from being constructed in either Germany or France, planned to broadcast both radio and television programs, it is outfitted with several antennas and a concrete tower.

The maiden transmission was made on January 1, 1955.

When Saarland was reintegrated into Germany in 1957, authorities debated whether or not to allow the station to continue broadcasting. It was decided that it could - but only in French. Two years later, one of the large masts of the main antenna was moved in order to send a better signal toward France.

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