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Festival Club

The abandoned club hides in the hills of Ibiza.  


Ibiza wasn’t always the party hotspot it is today. It wasn’t until the late 1960s that the island became a tourist destination, with hotels and clubs popping up everywhere. In 1969, construction began on this once-lively club, which officially opened its doors in 1972.

Busses shuttled tourists to the club, which was tucked away up in the hills. While there, people watched shows and dined and even watched fake bull fights in the mock bull fighting ring. 

But the 1970s oil crisis soon took a toll on Ibiza. Fewer tourists began visiting the island. The Festival Club, robbed of its steady stream of bussed-in patrons, shuttered in 1974.

Over the decades, graffitis have transformed the abandoned club into a canvas for their work. Today, you can still see the large terraced restaurant, the amphitheater, and the bar area next to the main entrance. Behind the entrance area, there are also some gutted cars, which might be shoved over the crag.

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The area is not fenced and easily accessible 

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