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Figurines of Borås

These miniature works of art are hiding in plain sight on buildings around the city. 


No Limit is a recurring street art event that turns the small Swedish city of Borås into a giant public art gallery, with pieces by artists from around the world. Most of the works of art are large murals or sculptures, but one installation, spread out throughout the city center, is something for the sharp-eyed.

Artist Isaac Cordal’s miniature figurines can be seen on the facade of buildings throughout downtown. The tiny men are posed in all sorts of situations: Some of them are falling, some are busy on their smartphones, some are covering their ears as to get away from the city noise, and some are hiding from something around the corner.

The size of the figurines make them easy to miss, but they are there, over a dozen of them, clearly visible if you just know what to look for.

Know Before You Go

Take a look at this map for info on where to find the figurines.

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