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Hermitage of Saint Sava

Savovo, Serbia

This mesmerizing medieval monastery-cave complex sits thousands of feet above ground overlooking a valley.  


The Hermitage of Saint Sava is located on the slopes of Radočelo Mountain, around seven miles (12 kilometers) from the medieval monastery of Studenica. 

The Hermitage is a walled cave-complex hanging from a rocky cliff, accessed through a narrow wooden bridge clinging to the cliff. Next to the monastery is a 12th-century church dedicated to Saint George.

There isn’t much historical information on the monastery itself. According to local legend, it was created at the same time as the Studenica Monastery, between 1183 and 1195. The church and monastery were allegedly built by the servant of Stefan Nemanja, the medieval Grand Prince of the Serbian Grand Principality. The Hermitage of Saint Sava consists of several cells and it’s believed that Saint Sava, Stefan Nemanja’s son and the first Archbishop of Serbia, spent some time at the monastery. 

Aside from the Hermitage of Saint Sava, the site is worth visiting for its breathtaking views of the surrounding hills, valleys, and villages in the distance.

Know Before You Go

The Hermitage of Saint Sava is a religious site and visitors are expected to follow Orthodox customs. Photography is only allowed in certain areas. The site may be locked, so it's recommended to visit Studenica Monastery first, to get help and guidance by the monastery monks.

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