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'Hvězdicová Kotelna'

Slaný, Czechia

An unusual heating plant that has garnered notoriety for its distinct shape.  


This interesting building in the small Central Bohemian town of Slaný was constructed by architects Vratislav Růžička and Vlastibor Klimeš between 1970 and 1979. Originally, several tenement houses were located at the current site of the building. 

The structure is home to an oil and gas heating plant and is officially known as, Olejová kotelna K-39. However, due to the facility’s uniquely designed roof, locals dubbed the building “Hvězdicová kotelna” because of its starfish shape.

The diameter of the building is 114 feet (35 meters), while the diameter of the green brutalist rooftop is 127 feet (39 meters). There is also an impressive brick chimney jutting out from the middle of the building.

As of 2020, the energy plant is still functioning. It supplies heat and domestic hot water to more than 700 apartments and a local kindergarten.

Know Before You Go

"Hvězdicová kotelna" is located on Všehlušická Street, close to the old city center and the main bus station. There is also a parking lot nearby.

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