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Kaltenbacher Teufelstisch (The Devil's Table)

Hinterweidenthal, Germany

It's said the devil used this mushroom rock as a table for a late-night meal. 


Near Kaltenbach, a town located in southwest Germany, it’s said the devil traveled through the area one night, desperately looking for a place to have a midnight snack. He was in such anger that he took two gigantic rocks and constructed a table and chair to eat. According to the legend, he took the chair but left the table behind. 

However, the more scientific reason for such a weird formation of rocks is the result of millions of years of erosion and weathering. In the surrounding area, there are several other interesting rock formations that are also worth visiting, but the Kaltenbach Devil’s Table is the largest formation and is one of the most known landscape symbols of the Palatinate region. In 1947, the formation even landed on several postage stamps.

In 2009, the adventure park Devil’s Table was constructed, adding another reason to visit this amazing geographical wonder.

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