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Ken Norman's Abandoned Mansion is permanently closed.

Ken Norman's Abandoned Mansion

Homewood, Illinois

The NBA player's elaborate former home is now a ghost of its old glory. 


Unlike many abandoned buildings, this one isn’t lost in some far-flung woods or hidden within a forgotten industrial area. Instead, it’s wedged between a pharmacy and a golf course; an utterly average location for a once-spectacular home.

The mansion was once home to Ken Norman, a former basketball player for the Los Angeles Clippers. In its prime, it boasted an indoor pool, a basketball court, and gorgeous modern finishes.

The elaborate abode was actually built around the old house that already stood on the property. Norman had his builders construct around the original structure instead of tearing it down, allowing the new mansion to essentially consume the existing house. The old house’s fireplace still stands in the center of the mansion.

Now abandoned, the mansion merely hints at its former glory. It sits along the edge of a public road, empty and being overgrown by nature. Grime and mold cling to the building’s interior. Paint peels from its decaying walls. The game room, which once held the indoor pool, is now littered with debris.

Update as of October 2019: The residence was sold, and may no longer be open to the public. 

Update as of January 2022: The mansion has been demolished. 

Know Before You Go

Entering the mansion is not advised, as this would be trespassing. Stick to admiring the house from the outside.

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