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County Armagh, Northern Ireland

Kilnasaggart Pillar Stone

The inscribed stone at Kilnasaggart is a remnant from nearly a millennium ago. 

Inscribed with various Ogham and Gaelic texts, symbols and crosses, the Kilnasaggart inscribed pillar stone is an intriguing monument from another time.

Thought to be a lone remnant of an ancient monastery or other structure, scholars have concluded that the inscribed pillar stone marks the location of a holy site, perhaps dating back to the days of druid and pagan worship.

The stone is clearly meant to carry significance and mark a location central to the spiritual lives of the local inhabitants, but its strange location leaves some observers puzzled. It stands alone in a field not far from Kilnasaggart Bridge, with little else of significance nearby. Although it’s not unusual for only small parts of a structure to remain, it’s possible that the pillar was placed in a remote location on purpose, to mark a place to commune with nature.

Know Before You Go

Locate the stone in a field adjacent to the Kilnasaggart Bridge, with signs directing the way.

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