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Lego House

An enormous playhouse designed to look like 21 stacked Lego bricks, with another 25 million colorful Legos inside. 


Billund is a small Danish town, famous for being the birthplace of Lego and home of the original Legoland resort. But while Legoland may be Billund’s most famous attraction, there’s a new attraction in town. The Lego House is a structure that appears to be made of 21 oversize Lego bricks, housing a gallery of dioramas made from millions of colorful Legos.

The Lego House, dubbed the “Home of the Brick,” is an enormous facility that is astounding on both the inside and out. When viewed from above, the 21 cuboids that make up the museum—colored in a palette of reds, greens, blues, and yellows—appear to represent an intricate stack of humongous Lego bricks, the top one featuring eight clear tubes to mimic the circular “studs” found atop a typical plastic brick. What’s more, it is possible to climb atop the roofs of these giant blocks, some offering playground structures multiple stories high.

The interior of these 21 bricks is just as extraordinary. A wide variety of Lego dioramas are on display, including a giant waterfall, three T-Rexes, a lava-filled volcano, and a landscape with mountains and a castle. Perhaps the most impressive arrangement on site is the 55-foot “Tree of Creativity,” the product of 6.3 million Lego bricks and 24,350 hours of labor.

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