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McHenry Mansion

An expansive and intricately restored mansion remains from over a century ago--and so do its ghosts. 


The McHenry Mansion is an historic home in the city of Modesto, known for its beauty and grandeur–and the ghosts that are rumored to haunt the expansive property.

The mansion has been restored to its original glory after years of neglect and disrepair, but none of the alterations have done much to quell local legends about hauntings and strange occurrences at the site.

Perhaps its most notable claim to fame, however, is the very true story of the source of its restoration.  Winemaker Julio Gallo and his wife Aileen purchased it through the Julio R. Gallo Foundation. The Mansion was given to the City of Modesto with the understanding that it was to be restored and also to be made available for community use. This beautiful home was saved from demolition in the mid-seventies and established as a historically valuable property and it has been treated as such ever since.

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