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MeiNong I-Chan

Meinong District, Taiwan

Hakka-style teahouse where everybody grinds their own tea. 


It’s teatime, and at this Hakka-style teahouse, guests make lei cha from scratch.

“Lei” means “grind,” and “cha” means “tea,” so that means everybody grinds their own tea from a mix of herbs, sesame seeds, nuts, and yes, tea leaves. Each person takes a turn with a mortar and pestle, between eating tasty snacks and drinking another kind of herbal tea that’s served hot in a tiny doll-sized porcelain cup with fruit. When it’s ready, lei cha is distributed into individual bowls, and everyone adds hot tea and puffed rice to make their own unique blend of traditional nourishment.

Meanwhile, there’s also the option of trying on Hakka-style costumes and taking pictures, or just picking up a bag of snacks to make your own version of Hakka tea later.

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