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Tepotzotlán, Mexico

Museo Nacional del Virreinato

Located in the baroque halls of a 16th century former monastery this labyrinthine museum chronicles the colonial history of the Mexico under the viceroyalty of New Spain  

 The jewel in the crown of Tepotzotlan, one of Mexico’s charming “Pueblos magicos” (Magical towns) is its fascinating national museum of the viceroyalty, chronicling the Spanish colonial history of the country.

Located in a former monastery, one of the oldest of the Americas, that was constructed in the 1580’s by the order of the Jesuits and now managed by Mexico’s INAH ( Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia ).  Today this labyrinthine museum focuses on the turbulent  300 years of Spanish rule of the country that was then known as “New Spain”. 

The astounding variety of artifacts that are displayed here  are intriguing examples of the fusion of the Indigenous and Iberian cultures that occured under the viceroyalty and which shaped the culture and history of the Mexican nation.  




















Know Before You Go

The museum is open from 9:00 am to 16:45 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.

The entrance fee costs $70 pesos during the week , however on Sundays both foreigners and Mexicans can enter for free.

The museum is impossible to miss as it is sign posted and the church where it is located can be seen prominently from the main square of the town.