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Museum of isolators and lightning arresters

Obrataň, Czechia

The biggest collection of isolators in Europe in secluded old house. 


This the biggest collection of isolators in Europe include more then 6519 isolators and 760 lightning arresters of various materials have been gathered for about 30 years from many states such as the USA, China, Russia, Brazil, Canada and others have accumulated.

The oldest exhibit is an insulator from 1874 from Austria-Hungary. The collection also includes a control panel from an old power plant or historical isolator from the concentration camp electric fence in Auschwitz, where more than 1,000,000 Jews died. In the garden of the mill there is a large structure of isolators and lightning arresters of ca. 19 x 11 m (62 x 36 ft). Whoever asks may climb at their own risk to this structure from insulators and walk through the narrow sheet metal paths in the air.

The owner and operator of the museum is a lonely stranger, who looks like Ludwig Wittgenstein in overalls and loves insulators since childhood.

Insulators that did not fit into the building lie on the ground around the building, overgrown with grass and co-creating the strange atmosphere of this place.

The collection also includes 20th century service telephones or a historical switchboard from František Křižík (1847 - 1941), a Czech scientist and inventor. His most famous invention was an arc lamp with automatic regulation. He also invented a light fountain, significantly improved electric trams and many other facilities.

Some insulators from this museum are built in the art installation of the Cross Club in Prague.

Know Before You Go

Opening hours depend on when František Daňek is at home (usually). We recommend contacting his before visiting the museum. e-mail: tel.: 603 261 369