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Birds chirp overhead, singing a peaceful, cheery song to passersby. Nearby, a wolf howls. A mountain lion slinks above a rock, and a bear grumbles and grunts. There’s no need to fear these animals, though. They’re all animatronic attractions.

The mechanical menagerie is part of Mystic Falls, an indoor park within Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall. The free attraction offers Las Vegas’ version of a walk through the woods.

In addition to the animals, the park features brooks that constantly bubble and waterfalls that roar to life. Fake shrubbery, rocks, and sticks add to the outdoor-themed ambiance. For a moment, the serene, peaceful setting makes it easy to forget you’re in a casino.

That is, until the whole attraction roars to life. Every day, it becomes a wild blur of movement, music, and lights. The animals screech and scream. Fountains burst with torrents of water, which whirls in its own fluid dance. Music blasts from the speakers and lazers slice the air with their vibrant beams. This “Sunset Stampede” is a musical and laser show that tells the story of the Western pioneer experience. During the Christmas season, the display is changed to include snow and winter imagery in the laser show.

Sam’s Town, the hotel that houses the indoor park, is also worth noting. The hotel and casino are named after Samuel A. “Sam” Boyd. Sam Boyd was a casino manager, developer, and successful businessman. He revolutionized the gaming and showbiz industry in Las Vegas and worldwide. It was Sam Boyd’s work and vision that is truly responsible for the way modern Vegas looks today. He also built one of the largest, most successful casino empires ever known.

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