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Nettleham, England

Nettleham Hall

An abandoned 18th century manse looks like something out of an Indiana Jones movie. 

On an otherwise quiet country road, you will find a great wrought iron gate originally made in 1720 for the now derelict church of St. Peter at Arches Lincoln. Behind those gates, you would be mistaken for thinking it was just woodland, but after a short walk through the trees, you will come across the ruins of Nettleham Hall.

First you will spot the original groundskeeper’s house, in quite a dilapidated state. Just further on there is a “DANGER Keep Out!” sign and then, peering out of the undergrowth like something from an Indiana Jones movie, what remains of Nettleham Hall, home to the Hood family, a rich and affluent member of the Nettleham community for many years. 

Nettleham Hall was ravaged by fire in 1937, and has been left abandoned ever since. Now there is only a shell left, no roof or floors, with foliage creeping up the walls and great trees growing throughout. Still you can picture how grand this haunting building once was.

Know Before You Go

Down Hall Lane from the A46, the gates can be seen on the left hand side, and you can gain entry just on the left of the gates over some logs.

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