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Perry Hannah Statue

Locals often dress this effigy of Traverse City's founder in festive outfits. 


Perry Hannah is recognized for founding Traverse City, Michigan, in 1851. A statue of him was unveiled in 2015, and the effigy has gained local fame for a charming reason.

Since its unveiling, Hannah’s statue has been dressed up and decorated for various occasions and events. These include, but are not limited to, Christmas, New Years, St. Patrick’s Day, the Traverse City Film Festival, Halloween, and many more.  

Other times, the locals dress him just to have a bit of fun. And sometimes, the statue is dressed to bring attention to an important public-awareness effort or charitable program.

While there was some pushback originally to the statue being decorated in a light-hearted manner, over time these concerns have abated. Today, residents and visitors alike enjoy having their photos taken with Hannah, especially when he is dressed up for a special occasion. 

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On street parking is available around Perry Hannah Plaza, though some of the spaces are meter-based at certain times of the day.

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