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Rattlesnake Ranch

Rusting dinosaurs frolic at the entrance to this roadside "snake sanctuary." 


Along a quiet stretch of E Dragoon Rd, about three miles from I-10, you’ll find a group of beautifully detailed sculptures guarding the entrance to Rattlesnake Ranch. Large handmade signs state “all snakes are protected here,” and a large “drop box” sits just outside the gate—a drop box for what is not made clear.

An assortment of large sculptures sit just inside the entrance. There, both rusty and expertly painted dinosaurs mingle with a giant gila monster and a Native American on horseback. Farther away, a wild stallion poses in mid-leap.

The gate is often open during the day with a large welcome sign on it. Is this the new location of the original Rattlensnake Ranch from Elfrida, which closed in 2013? No one knows, yet.

Know Before You Go

Please respect the fence and gate, if not open.

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