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Roshen Fountain

The spectacular Roshen Fountain show lights up the night sky all summer long, until it "hibernates" under the ice waiting for spring to come. 


By the totality of characteristics, Roshen Fountain in Vinnytsia is the biggest in Europe and is said to be one of the top 10 beautiful and spectacular world fountains in existence.

Using the water of a living river, this gleeful feat of engineering creates underwater illumination from superpower LEDs to enhance the 70-meter central stream and splay colors across the water projection screen, stretching 16 meters across and 45 wide. One of the first fountains in the country to utilize mobile elements to drastically oscillate water streams, the Roshen Fountain dances like no other. However, one of the most interesting features of the fountain happens to take place underneath all of the flash and sound effects.

The Roshen Fountain uses “Hibernation technology” to keep it safe and sound during the harsh Ukraine winter. On October 15th, the equipment is sunk to the bottom of the Southern Buh, the lake whose water it utilizes, and sleeps until the ice is gone, and the show can go on.

Part of a complex project of Pivdenny Buh quay reconstruction near Roshen Confectionery Factory, who gifted the installation to the people of Vinnytsia, the fountain is a social and cultural project unlike any of other in Ukraine’s history built by a private business. On September 4th, 2011, the grand opening of the fountain attracted tens of thousands, and until the freeze comes, tens of thousands more can witness the spectacular shows on a daily basis. 

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The music-and-light shows run every half an hour from 2:30 to 7:30 pm. Check the schedule to be there at the right time.

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