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Fulton, Missouri

St. Mary's Aldermanbury

Small church is moved and reassembled over 4,000 miles away in what the London Times called "perhaps the biggest jigsaw puzzle in the history of architecture." 

If you were searching for a church that was built in London some time before 1181, only to be rebuilt after the Great Fire of London, it seems safe to assume that the first place you’d look would be…London. While that assumption seems pretty solid, in the case of St. Mary’s Aldermanbury, you would be 4,262 miles off-track.

This small church was destroyed by the Great Fire of London, rebuilt, and destroyed again in the Blitz of 1940. Instead of being rebuilt yet again, the walls stood as a skeletonn of the once active church until 1964, when every stone was moved and reassembled on the campus of Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. Construction was completed in 1966.

It may seem strange that a church from London would end up in Missouri, but this quaint little church was shipped to the university to stand in remembrance of Winston Churchill, who was awarded an honorary degree from the school, and where he delivered his famous speech that coined the phrase “Iron Curtain” in 1946.

The church now houses the Winston Churchill Memorial and Library in its basement space, a tribute to the highly influential and colorful statesman.