Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop & Kurt Cobain Memorabilia & Info Center – Aberdeen, Washington - Atlas Obscura
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Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop & Kurt Cobain Memorabilia & Info Center

Novelty shop is as much an eyeful as its name is a mouthful to say, with over 3,000 unique items for sale. 


Any self-respecting Star Wars fan can no longer call himself such until he has experienced Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop & Kurt Cobain Memorabilia & Info Center.

Before you enter the place your eyes are bulging at a knee-high Yoda holding the door open, a sexy Princess Leia mannequin and a carbonite Han Solo frozen in the sidewalk.

Inside, the store is like the wand shop from Harry Potter, where the treasured objects you were meant to see find you and the happy memories start beaming nostalgic warmth through you like a heroin trip (more on this later!).

The store is completely packed floor to ceiling with everything you could imagine; obscure collector’s items, folk art interpretations, objets d’art, photos of people with risque Star Wars tattoos, giant model spaceships dangling from the ceiling, and must-have ’80s pop culture toys: Mr. Potato Head Yam Solo, for example.

It’s fantastic, it’s free, and the owner Don is a real delight to talk to (ask to see his tattoo of Princess Leia). He says he started the store as a project with his boys and now it’s the delight of his day to open the store and reminisce with delighted Star Wars fans.

As for the Kurt Cobain fans, Don built a small shrine of interesting artifacts to the martyred king of grunge that includes a polaroid of him with Courtney Love and newborn baby, as well as a Sears portrait photo of a young, gap-toothed 5-year-old Kurt smiling brightly.

But best of all, buy yourself a small jar of what I’m calling Kurt Dirt: soil from the muddy banks of the Wishkah River where Kurt lived while he was homeless, and also where the ashes of the music artist were spread.

There are a few other sights in Aberdeen for fans of both Kurt and Star Wars: look for a staute of Kurt and a sign that says “Welcome to Aberdeen: Come As You Are.” Don is hoping to paint the street lights in front of his store into giant lightsabers.

Know Before You Go

Easily reached from Highway 101, which is the main thoroughfare through town.If you're headed South on the 101, Sucher & Sons will be on the right. Watch for the Star Wars mural, full-sized Star Wars mannequins, the Millennium Falcon, and a sign in the window that reads "Kurt Cobain Memoriabilia & Info Center."