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Sun Cruise Resort and Yacht

The world's first cruise ship-shaped hotel is perched atop a cliff. 


Many cruise ships are visible from South Korea’s eastern coast, but in the town of Jeongdongjin one vessel stands out from the rest. While most ships in the Sea of Japan (also known as the East Sea) hover atop the sea, the Sun Cruise Resort and Yacht stands dozens of feet higher, perched on a rocky cliff.

Believed to be the world’s first hotel designed as a cruise ship, the Sun Cruise Resort and Yacht is over 500 feet long and nearly 150 feet tall. Complete with 211 rooms, six restaurants, a sculpture garden, and a volleyball court, the giant misplaced boat sits peculiarly atop a tall cliff to give the impression that it’s run aground. 

The resort is known throughout the region for its eye-catching appeal, and it takes full advantage by playing the sounds of bird calls and oceanic waves to mimic the actual experience of sailing on a cruise liner without the consequential seasickness. The boat hotel also features a rotating bar to give guests a panoramic view of Jeongdongjin’s famed sunrises.

In May of 2017, a second Sun Cruise Resort and Yacht will land ashore. Although some would say that the boat hotel idea is going a bit overboard, it seems to be successfully taking the helm in bringing the sea to the shore.

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