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The Dr. Seussophone

A Seussian sculpture made of brass instruments. 


Paul Abel built something, for which he is known, from junk instrument parts: the Dr. Seussophone.

The Seussophone’s not only something to see, but it plays! (Not in any particular key.)

Paul fixes up brass, and woodwind instruments, and wanted to make something without any blueprints.

Part trombone, part trumpet, topped with a French horn, it hangs in his window, as from a Seuss book torn.

Soldered together, two bells, trombone slide, a French horn rotor section, and then Abel tried…

To give it a way to stand up on its own: with a tuba bell, but it fell when alone.

There’s a valve that, depending on which way it’s set, sends the sound through the French horn, or through the trumpet.

To visit the Dr. at Paul Abel’s place, email or call—in advance, just in case.

Know Before You Go

Paul can be contacted at or 585-283-1181.

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