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Newquay, England

The Newquay "Island"

Sometimes island, sometimes rocky outcropping hosts a delightful bed and breakfast connected to the world via a tiny suspension bridge. 

“The Island” of Newquay, Cornwall is joined to the mainland by a suspension bridge. Actually a huge 70 foot high rocky outcropping, it appears to be an island when the tide is in, but one can walk right up to it when the tide is out. The bridge was built in 1900 and is just wide enough for a person to walk across. Though it wasn’t designed with those suffering from acrophobia in mind, it is very safe and is inspected every year

There’s only one house on the tiny island, and it’s run as an up-market bed and breakfast establishment. Surrounded by a beautiful garden which itself is surrounded either by the sands of Newquay Beach or by the sea - depending on the time of day - the island is about 70 feet high and accessible only on foot via the suspension bridge.

In a strange claim to fame, the house was once the residence of Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge, the inventor of the spark plug, who apparently entertained Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle at “The Island” on many occasions.


  • I stayed there last year on my honeymoon